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Lawn Maintenance in Alexandria Virginia

Let's face it - there is no one that knows the lawns in your community as well as a local business with employees born and raised in the immediate area.  With 20+ years of service in Northern Virginia, Beaver's Tree Services has deep ties to the local community, with several satisfied residential and commercial clients spanning from Rockville and Oxon Hill Maryland to Fairfax, Alexandria, Woodbridge, and Manassas Virginia.


As a local lawn maintenance service, we understand that a lush, well-maintained lawn can significantly enhance your property's curb appeal and value in Virginia.


So, whether you need regular lawn mowing, lawn edging, professional weed control, fertilization, sod installation, or overseeding, our skilled team of experts is dedicated to creating the green oasis of your dreams.

Sod Installation in Alexandria Virginia

Best Northern Virginia Lawn Care Service with Beavers Tree Services

Our team has 20+ years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the local turf, weather, and insects. Our lawn care services in Virginia include the following:

Lawn Mowing and Landscape Aesthetics

Our local lawn care specialists use the latest equipment for even and precise cuts that leave your lawn neat and well-groomed. We tailor our lawn services based on your lawn's unique needs, keeping it pristine throughout the year.

Fertilization for Optimal Growth and Lawn Health

A lush and vibrant lawn requires proper fertilization.  Our Virginia lawn care experts understand the nutrient requirements of different grass types and soil conditions, whether in Fairfax, Herndon, Arlington, Prince William, or elsewhere in Virginia.


Our regular fertilization program is tailored to deliver the precise balance of nutrients to promote healthy root development, vibrant color, and overall lawn health.

Thorough Aeration for Improved Soil Health

We understand that your lawn needs healthy soil to thrive. Thus, our aeration services improve soil compaction, allowing air, water, and nutrients to breach the root zone.


We combine this with overseeding or sod installation, resulting in improved root growth, enhanced nutrient absorption, and better resistance to drought and other stressors.

Leaf Removal in Alexandria Virginia

Seasonal Cleanups and Leaf Removal

As the seasons change, your lawn will require some TLC; fortunately, this is part of our lawn care maintenance package.


Our seasonal Virginia cleanup and leaf removal services ensure your turf is healthy and prepared for any challenges the upcoming season may bring.

Customized Lawn Care

At Beaver's Tree Services, we understand that every lawn is unique, and each property owner has specific preferences. Our lawn care services team will create an appealing landscape plan based on your preferences and budget that will keep your lawn lush, green, and weed-free.

Professional Weed Control

Pesky weeds can quickly overrun your lawn and ruin its appearance. However, our professional weed control services in Northern Virginia target weeds at their roots, effectively eradicating them and preventing their return. We use eco-friendly and safe methods to ensure your lawn remains healthy and weed-free while protecting the environment.

Beavers Tree Services - Committed To Your Satisfaction

Our commitment to customer satisfaction sets our Virginia lawn maintenance services apart. Our friendly and professional team prioritizes clear communication and works closely with you to understand your lawn care goals.


Beaver's Tree Services is the name you can trust for top-quality and reliable lawn solutions in Virginia. Our dedication is to transform your landscape into a lush and beautiful outdoor haven. Contact us today to experience the true value of exceptional lawn maintenance services in Virginia!

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